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Alastair Hoyne, Principal of Finanze® recognised in Top 30 Brokers nationally

Alastair Hoyne, Principal of Finanze® has been recognised in Bridging & Commercial's 2022 Power List.

He was selected from amongst hundreds of brokers that were nominated, to feature in the list of the top 30 brokers who went above and beyond during 2021.

Given the fact that Finanze® has only been trading since the end of September 2021 this is a remarkable achievement to have been recognised by the wider industry so quickly. He is also relatively new to the sector, having only started in specialist property finance in February 2021. Although his prior experience in investment banking, fund management, strategic consulting, property development and management no doubt put him in good stead.

The publication goes on to say:

"The customer service, attention to detail and advice from Alastair have been labelled as "exemplary". One client said they have made a business relationship "for life" due to his care and consideration when finding funding options..."

He was also recognised for having developed a number of custom products within the year, both the serviced 'Experience Bridge' exclusively with Albatross Capital and his Title Split Finance product exclusively with Elysium Bridging. Alastair Hoyne, Principal of Finanze® commented "I'm humbled by the outpouring of support my firm and I have received since starting up and it's clear the industry desperately needed a broker who put their clients' best interests first".

In 2022, the firm is looking to expand further to capitalise on its rapid growth and further announcements will be made shortly on this front.

To read the full digital edition of Bridging & Commercials 2022 Power List issue, click here.

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