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Finanze® collaborates with BWL Legal Ltd to enrich client service offering

Forward-thinking finance solutions brand seals deal with legal and professional services firm to enhance and accelerate client services

Finanze® has officially struck a deal to enrich its service offering using dedicated experts from BWL Legal Ltd - a multi-disciplinary firm specialising in law, construction consultancy and professional bid services.

By partnering with some of the UK’s top property solicitors, Finanze® is enhancing and expediting its client communication process - drawing on BWL Legal’s invaluable insight to complete transactions at a faster rate.

BWL Legal has provided a dedicated team, led by a Senior Associate from its Property & Projects Team, to support Finanze®’s customers - assisting with the likes of the ground-breaking title splitting product (which is proving extremely popular).

BWL Legal is a subsidiary of BWL Group (Holdings) Ltd - a legal and professional services firm supporting clients in the construction, property, and infrastructure sectors. With three arms of business, BWL Group is different to many traditional law firms in its ability to support clients throughout the entire life cycle of a project. With property at the heart of its business, BWL Legal supports clients with all aspects of property investment and development projects.

Finanze® has a growing reputation for developing innovative products for its clients and in BWL Legal has found a perfect partner to take those products to market and help deliver client’s aspirations and goals.

The respective Managing Directors of Finanze® and BWL Legal, Alastair Hoyne and Paul Benson, met in late 2021 at a networking event in Nottingham and realised they shared a number of experiences from attending the same university to working in Asia and have similar aims for their businesses.

Most importantly, the two shared the same client value proposition - running fast-growing, ambitious young companies prioritising premium service. The duo recognised the opportunity to collaborate to deliver a broader-ranging, dedicated assistance for customers - drawing on their respective expertise to attract even bigger business.

BWL Legal’s Managing Director Paul Benson stated: “After meeting Alastair at Finanze®, I realised we had a lot in common and our client value propositions were aligned.

“We both want to offer an industry-leading level of service for our clients and we realised that collaborating would increase and enhance the variety of excellent services available to our respective customers.

“Finanze® can now utilise the teams from BWL Legal and BWL Construction Consultancy to support its clients. In addition, Finanze® has direct access to a Client Relationship Manager who manages our client engagement and onboarding process utilising industry-leading technology solutions. We are all about efficiency and service.

“We also offer dedicated legal resources to Finanze® clients to accelerate legal processes for a faster turnaround.”

Finanze®’s Alastair Hoyne added: “I am delighted to have met Paul and the team at BWL Legal.

“As we strive to provide industry-leading levels of client service, I recognised a need for my clients to work with highly-skilled solicitors and construction professionals on board with achieving outstanding results.

“Paul’s passion for client service and for property and construction projects is infectious and has clearly rubbed off on his team who we are working with each day.

“The team at Finanze® look forward to our relationship with BWL Group blossoming over the coming months.”

Any clients utilising the services made available by Finanze® and BWL Legal should be aware that they are dealing with two exclusive entities: The client-lawyer relationship sits solely with BWL Legal, whilst the lending advice is provided separately by Finanze®.

For more information visit Finanze® and BWL Legal Limited.

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About Finanze Ltd

Finanze specialises in bespoke solutions for bridging, buy-to-let, development finance, residential and commercial mortgages.

Alastair Hoyne launched the company in 2021 - drawing on his background in investment banking, hedge fund management and strategic consultancy directorship to provide an institutional grade service to sophisticated private property investors and corporations.

Since receiving FCA approval at the end of September 2021, Hoyne has issued terms on £360m worth of property, representing £225m in gross loan value and of which £163m are in progress.

Learn more online at:

About BWL Legal Ltd

BWL Group is a multi-disciplinary legal and professional services firm comprised of experienced bid professionals, solicitors and construction specialists.

As a diverse group of companies, BWL is capable of supporting clients at every stage of the project life cycle - providing specialist insight every step of the way.

Guiding and advising businesses across a wide range of industries on an international basis, BWL favours a forward-thinking approach to legal services, whilst leaning on traditional values of honesty, respect and integrity.

Learn more online at:

Notes to editors

Finanze Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Connect IFA Limited 441505, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Services Register under reference 969918.

BWL Legal Limited is an authorised body adhering to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) rules, with the company trading under SRA ID registration number 654319 - a licensed body also known as an ABS.

Any Finanze clients accessing legal guidance through this service should be aware that the client-lawyer relationship sits solely with BWL Legal. Lending advice is provided separately by Finanze.

Media contacts

Beatrice Santos

Marketing, Finanze

+44 (0)208 058 5389

Paul Benson

Managing Director, BWL Legal

+ 44 (0)121 387 9846

--- To the fullest extent permitted by law, Finanze Ltd are not responsible for any errors or omissions in any statements, views, opinions, facts, figures, commentary or any other material in the articles contained herein, or for loss arising from its use or performance, or for the results of any actions or lack of action taken on the basis of information provided in articles.

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