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Finanze® Daily Digest - 15/09/2022

The Brief: Europe’s energy crisis will continue to linger as the US shale industry will not extend its oil and gas supplies to the region in winter. This was announced today as producers reiterated their stance against increasing production. Before the pandemic, the US supplied 13 million barrels per day, but investors have since adjusted to a low-supply model by curtailing daily production, ensuring higher profits. Surging energy costs all over Europe have brought speculations of imminent outages.

Why It Matters: This week, France and Finland warned their citizens and businesses to cut down on energy consumption in the coming months or they will be off the grid. This could be possible in the UK even if it produces its own gas. As wholesale gas and fuel prices continue to climb because of Russia’s decision to restrict its oil supply to Europe, Truss’ energy price guarantee for households is all set starting October. However, businesses will have to wait for their assistance until the details are ironed out by the government.

Finanze® Foresights: The global energy squeeze continues to threaten the recovery of many economies. Although Downing Street has assured the public in March that there will be no blackouts in the country during winter, the UK's reliance on foreign gas imports and limited gas storage continue to negatively affect its total power supply. The government must still implement measures to regulate the consumption of energy, particularly from industries that heavily depend on fuels, and accelerate its investments in alternative resources such as green electricity to compensate for supply gaps in the energy puzzle.

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