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Finanze® expands team rapidly to cope with demand

Finanze®, the specialist property broker expanded personnel rapidly in July to cope with the volume of business they are attracting. The firm has issued terms on over £340m worth of property since launching, and is currently live on £165m in gross loans. In order to cope with the demand and ever increasing flow of business they have brought on the following team members.

Benjamin Sabih, Head of Bridging & Development Finance

Benjamin Sabih has a number of years of experience within the bridging and development sector and is passionate and proud to deliver a professional yet personal service to his clients. Benjamin’s expertise include understanding what the client requires and always sourcing the perfect funding solution tailored to their needs.

He was previously a Director at Bridgesec Capital, Business Development Manager at Finanta and prior to that in the same capacity with Genie Lending. Prior to his finance career Benjamin was a a successful chef. He was Executive Chef at BaxterStorey in Fawley, Hampshire and has worked in various Michelin restaurants across London and the South of England. He originally trained under Gordon Ramsey.

He is an astute problem solver capable of prioritising complex projects with proficiency. Benjamin is extremely excited to start his new chapter with Finanze® and align his industry knowledge with the company and clients alike.

Thomas Bolan, Bridging & Development Finance Adviser

Thomas has spent most of his working life in Live TV Production, however, in 2020 he started delving into the world of property investing to help boost his income. This resulted in a number of problems when trying to borrow and raise money, so he wanted to find an easier way.

He became one of Finanze®'s first clients and came up with the concept of the 'on purchase' title split finance, which Finanze® have since turned into reality. Following this Thomas has managed to build up a sizeable portfolio of his own and acknowledges that he couldn't have achieved it without the help of Finanze®.

He believes investing and finance go hand-in-hand. He wants to bring his extensive knowledge and experience from buying properties and exploring diverse strategies to help other investors with their own property ambitions. Hence joining Finanze® to help within the Bridging & Development Finance team where his talents will best be leveraged for both clients and the firm.

Lloyd Dorrington, Term Finance Adviser Lloyd grew up in a family business, he was surrounded by new ideas and developments and became intrigued to know how these came about and what the processes were. For as long as he can remember, property and development has always been something he has been interested in.

When he finished his business and accounting qualifications at college, he decided to learn as much as he could about mortgages knowing that one day, he would be considering getting onto the property ladder himself and the knowledge would be essential.

Upon learning this, he decided he could use this new knowledge for others, as well as for his own benefit. This is where his passion to become a mortgage advisor started. Following a period of shadowing we asked Lloyd to join us in the Term Finance team where he will focus on clients needing long term mortgages. He has also recently started studying for the CeMAP qualification.

Lorilee Gonzales, Operations Director

Ahead of joining Finanze®, Lorilee worked as an Account Manager and Team leader for an IT service provider company, Information Professionals, Inc., and worked for Procter & Gamble Philippines. She managed a team of report analysts and managed day-to-day operations.

Previously, after finishing her studies in Australia, Lorilee started working as a business officer for Marubeni Philippines, a general trading company where she had responsibilities within administration, operations, sales and marketing. She worked there for seven years, prior to which she worked in Accounts & Bookkeeping for Swift Accounting Services in Australia.

Lorilee has a degree in Information Technology from Ateneo De Naga University in the Philippines, a diploma in Business Administration from Chisholm Institute in Australia and is currently studying for an MBA in her free time.

She is joining Finanze® to oversee all non-sales business operations and to take over management of the administration team.

Dimarie Esclamado, Case Administration

Dimarie was able to secure her first job out of college at the largest property developer and real estate company in their country. She established herself as one of the most important pillars of the company, bringing with her significant accomplishments such as increasing the number of accredited brokers and generating more sales from the broker channel. Dimarie became more dedicated to assisting several brokers, agents, and even clients seeking a higher level of comfort in finding the best property.

Joining Finanze®, she was able to continue her passion of being able to assist brokers with their accounts. Allowing them to work efficiently, she helps in carrying out the documentation processing in a seamless manner from the collection of documents to organising data to better manage current and potential clients.

--- Commenting on the appointments, Alastair Hoyne, Managing Director said

“when everyone else is tightening their belts it’s incredible to be in a position to keep adding to the team.

It just goes to show how Finanze® has been embraced by the market for providing a fresh pair of eyes to a market that has long since been troubled with multiple participants all selling the same thing.

We will continue to disrupt and build custom facilities for clients and continue to scale to meet their demand, we owe our growth to the volume of business our clients are giving us.”

As a result of the new hires, Alastair will refocus his efforts on bespoke finance transactions along with client and supplier outreach.

--- To the fullest extent permitted by law, Finanze Ltd are not responsible for any errors or omissions in any statements, views, opinions, facts, figures, commentary or any other material in the articles contained herein, or for loss arising from its use or performance, or for the results of any actions or lack of action taken on the basis of information provided in articles.

The topics covered in articles are complex and do not substitute the need for financial, legal, accounting, tax and other advice before making any decisions or taking any action based on information in articles.

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