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Finanze® further adds to their specialist team.

Finanze® is excited to announce the hiring of Joshua Ellard as Head of Bespoke Finance and Samantha Demuth as a Regulated and Term Finance Adviser.

Joshua Ellard, Head of Bespoke Finance

Josh graduated from the University of Liverpool with a First-Class Honours degree in Economics. This was completed with a particular emphasis towards Financial Markets enabling him to relate to the various dynamics of the industry.

He kickstarted his career with Arbuthnot Specialist Finance LTD, the short-term lending arm of Arbuthnot Latham & Co. Ltd. His focus involved supporting clients through the entire end to end lending process, adding value through tailoring products to best align with their needs.

Alongside his burgeoning career he is continuing to enhance his professional knowledge whilst studying for the CFA programme. This will bolster his experience and give him a broader understanding of financial markets to better assist clients along their financial journey.

Josh is very much looking forward to a new chapter working with Finanze®. As the new Head of Bespoke Finance, he will work closely with the strong team to create innovative financial solutions that best suits the individual needs of his clients.

Samantha Demuth, Regulated & Term Finance Adviser

Samantha, or Sam as she prefers to be known, started her career in financial services in 1997 joining Halifax as a Personal Banker and Trainee Mortgage Adviser. She then moved across to UCB Home Loans initially as a Mortgage Adviser, where she obtained her CeMAP, before transitioning into a Business Development Manager managing the firms broker networks for the next 5 years. With being so highly respected, one of her broker firms, Mortgage Eye, ended up approaching her about a role, working as an independent ‘whole-of-market’ broker for them which she chose to pursue.

As a result of the global financial crisis, she decided to refocus her energies on a new career in technology within media and advertising where she worked for over 10 years with Mediaocean. She managed a portfolio of key agencies and business partnerships that made up over 60% of their EMEA business, offering outstanding client service through strategic planning, capturing business needs through successful delivery and ongoing support along with technical problem solving and coordinating software testing. She was also responsible for managing a team of 6 reports. She returned to finance and mortgage advice in April 2021. She developed a keen interest in property investment during the pandemic and wanted to move back into the industry. She set up her own firm, Native Mortgages as an AR of Linear and progressed through achieving CAS status. She joins Finanze® at a period of exceptional growth of the brand and is looking forward to helping make people’s property dream a reality. Alongside her passion, experience and skill she is an expert problem solver. She never looks at a transaction as a ‘one-off’ instead preferring to understand her clients motivations, aspirations and needs to plan for a long term synergistic relationship.

In her free time, she has a keen interest in renewables, wellbeing, nature and the community with a desire someday to build inspiring, community-led energy efficient villages, that are multi-generational, with family and community at their heart.

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