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Finanze Group - 2nd Client Appreciation Night

On the 28th June, Finanze Group will celebrate its 2nd year anniversary and we want you to celebrate with us.

It's also an important day as we will be launching Finanze Success our education, publishing and events arm on the night.

To thank you for all your support these last two years we hope to see you there!

Alongside our power team consisting of Axiom DWFM & Grunberg & Co, we are sponsoring an evening of food and drinks at:

Brickhouse Social

11-13 New Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NP

The party starts at 16:00 and finishes late on Wednesday, 28th June 2023.

Please RSVP below. Entry is strictly by invitation only.

Tickets will be required on the door.



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