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Finanze Group launches lending arm providing tailored lending solutions for corporate clients

Finance property solutions firm Finanze Group has announced the official launch of a “one-of-a-kind” lending division designed to offer bespoke lending solutions in a turbulent marketplace.

Finanze Capital will function as the lending arm of the rapidly-growing company - providing a variety of tailored bridging and development finance facilities to create vital financial options for corporate clients.

The launch of the funding division arrives at a pertinent moment - giving people access to custom property finance solutions that aren’t available elsewhere in the current environment.

Alongside standard fast OMV bridging, bespoke products offered will include those facilities already designed and built by their brokerage team “Finanze” including SSAS development finance and revolving credit facilities, title split finance enabling up to 100% of purchase price funding, as well as experience building bridge loans that enable foreign nationals to purchase property while improving their credit history. Loans for these products will start at £25,000 and go up to £1.5m.

They have also developed brand new products providing cost savings and peace of mind for clients undertaking larger scale works and developments namely a “Commercial Bridge to Lease”, a commercial bridge with an automatic exit to a commercial mortgage all in one, alongside a “Development to Let” facility for those developers that want to retain their sites as residential BTL properties or commercial properties on completion. After works are completed, the property will move onto fixed competitive 2/3 term loan designed for asset stabilisation. Loans for these products will start at £1m and go up to £25m. Finanze Capital is also inviting other brokers to register as introducers to access these unique products. The lender will provide training in how they work, ideas to market them and pay procuration fees at prevailing market rates.

Finanze Capital will be headed up by Molly Markey - a banking and finance expert with more than a decade of experience in the sector, having previously worked as the Lending Operations Manager for Arbuthnot Latham Specialist Finance.

Molly stated: “What we’re doing at Finanze Capital is really unique. No one else in the market is providing these options."

“Instead of providing generic financial packages that people have to adapt to, we’re creating custom solutions that fit around the client. Our USP is a bespoke service that goes the extra mile and gives the client exactly what they need."

“We’re looking to really establish ourselves as one of the go-to funding partner across the country over the coming year - building a bigger team and helping as many people as possible.”

Finanze Group founder Alastair Hoyne added: “We set up Finanze Group to offer the kind of financing solutions you simply won’t find anywhere else - and Finanze Capital will allow us to channel this vision by increasing the reach of our solutions.”

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