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Finanze® hires within accounting & finance.

Finanze® welcomes Lauriz Machon to its Operations team in the Accounting & Finance division to handle the company's accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing needs.

Lauriz Machon, Accounting & Finance - Operations

Lauriz was a former tax associate II at SGV & Co, a member firm of EY, one of the big 4 global accounting firms and was trained in Six Sigma to White Belt level. She handled one of the firms' largest clients, responsible for their compliance, tax and regulatory requirements. After which she worked for a privately-owned Australian residential and commercial property development company where she became proficient in using various accounting tools such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, and Reckon One.

She has also previously consulted on bank and credit card reconciliations, data migrations and helped with troubleshooting complex transactions.

She enjoys preparing accurate and timely data, helping clients maximise tax savings, preparing financial statements and tax returns to enable clients to make financially sound decisions.

With her extreme attention to detail and solution-oriented mindset, Lauriz will be a critical member of the Operations team.

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