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Finanze® Rebrands!

4th Feb 2022

In line with its focus on sophisticated high net worth investors and corporations, Finanze® has rebranded to reflect its client base. Their new brand highlights the financial side of the business, over the property side as while it continues to focus on innovative and bespoke property finance solutions, the focus is geared towards creative funding solutions for existing property strategies.

Since receiving FCA approval at the end of September 2021, Finanze® have issued terms on £75m worth of property, representing £45m in gross loan values and of which 50% are in process. Alongside its new logo, Finanze® have also updated their website to reflect the new brand along with their various marketing collateral.

In addition, Finanze® have launched a number of exclusive products including their Experience Bridge, Title Split Purchase Bridge, Traditional & Shari’ah Revolving Credit Facility and its SSAS Development Facility. These unique products have helped cement its position in the market, taking market share quickly and attracting such a high volume of business that it is now looking to bring on additional brokers to support both new and existing clients.

Finanze® has also been named as the exclusive broker for Retirement Capital and Empowered Pensions, who between them administer over £1bn in SSAS Pension Assets. Founder, Alastair Hoyne commented “I am humbled by the amount of interest the firm has received in the first 4 months of trading. Truly overwhelming support from within the sophisticated investor community and lenders alike."

"We expect 2022 to be a superb year if pipeline figures are anything to go by, and will be looking to bring on additional staff both in the front and back office, in order to cope with the level of demand and ensure that service remains at the level our clients expect.

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