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Finanze Strategy: The First Financial “Design Studio” for Property Investment

The latest addition to the Finanze Group family sees the grand opening of a unique strategic division dedicated to building bespoke products for HNW clients

Finanze Group - the financial firm bringing innovation to the property market - is opening a trailblazing “design studio” dedicated to crafting unique, financial products exclusively for each client.

Finanze Strategy is a market first - devising and building financial packages from scratch that are specifically tailored to the individual.

Steered by Finanze Group founder Alastair Hoyne - one of 2023’s Top 40 most influential property professionals with 20+ years of finance and venture capitalism experience - Finanze Strategy specialises in bespoke products for high value projects pursued by high net worth entrepreneurs and institutional property investors.

The division utilises exceptional research, service and diligence as part of its services, serving clients borrowing £3m+ for property finance, business finance and existing bespoke products.

To bring these products to market, Finanze Strategy will work in close collaboration with Finanze Capital - the recently-launched lending arm of the company which provides tailored bridging and development finance facilities to create vital financial options for corporate clients.

The division’s team already has a proven track record of designing products to improve clients’ peace of mind and savings - including a 100% LTV Title Split Strategy along with bridge loans that build credit history. Their most recent creation is the Commercial Bridge to Lease and Development to Let.

Alastair stated: “Finanze Strategy is effectively the engineering and design department for the Group at large - providing expert guidance on various products and strategies whilst helping customers to run comparative analyses on different scenarios.

“We work with clients in a transparent and collaborative way that guarantees the approach is right for their circumstances and maximises their opportunity for the highest possible return on investment in the long-term.

“Each client is unique and deserves their own bespoke solution, not just an off-the-shelf database-driven response. Finanze Strategy is committed to creating those products - building lifelong relationships with customers in the process.”

For more information on how Finanze Strategy is bringing new innovation to the market, visit



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