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Finanze® welcomes new members to the team.

Finanze® is proud to announce the addition of Evans Atandi, who will be joining us as Chief Technology Officer, Patricia McGirr, who will join the Regulated & Term Finance team specifically to set up a desk for Distressed Debt, and Bea Castro, who will be the company's Marketing Manager.

Evans Atandi, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Evans will be responsible for accelerating global technological innovation in support of Finanze® ambitious growth goals. In this role, Evans leads the data platforms, engineering platforms, and product platforms, which allow users to be data-driven as well as provide crucial capabilities and product building blocks to product development teams everywhere at Finanze®. Prior to his leadership of the product technology group, Evans was the CTO of Mvsoftech Group where he was responsible for building a new ISP, data centre, and managed services. He has worked in different capacities ranging from Supply Chain and Logistics and Real Estate to name a few.

Evans holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

Patricia McGirr, Distressed Debt & Term Finance

Trish is a former Mental Health Nurse who previously spent 15 years specialising in addictions and trauma. Having advised on and led numerous large public sector partnerships, she learned how to navigate policy and compliance. Integrating different political, financial, and social agendas to achieve a single goal was a key requirement.

Having created a strong foundation and reputation for getting the job done, she left the NHS to establish a full-time consulting service specialising in strategic planning and multi-agency partnerships. Since becoming involved in property in 2003, she’s experienced life as an investor, landlord, and estate agency owner and has spent a great deal of time dealing with homeowners and investors who are in financial distress.

Her background has enabled her to really understand and connect with people’s needs and coupled with her experience in strategic planning and consulting she’s able to create solutions that work for them.

Marella Beatrice Castro, Marketing Manager

Bea, as she prefers to be known started her career in marketing for the finance sector and has been active for over five years now. She has also been involved in marketing for both B2B and B2C customers in a variety of sectors including the tech and entertainment sector, online delivery services, health and wellness, and food and beverages industries.

She has also been particularly adept at securing her clients speaking slots at international conferences in Europe.

She has a degree in Communications and Media Studies and further studies in Strategic Digital Marketing. She will be handling all our marketing, advertising, conference management, press relations, social media and other online content, such as in-house publications, and overall branding.

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