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Andy Keehner Joins Finanze As Head Of Strategy

Finanze Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Keehner as Head of Finanze Strategy.  Andy will be working alongside Alastair Hoyne, the founder and CEO of Finanze Group, in a move that solidifies Finanze Strategy’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

A photo of Andy Keehner Head of Strategy for Finanze Group

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Andy is an accomplished and highly respected specialist property finance professional. His extensive expertise includes working with challenger banks and institutionally funded lenders, providing regulated mortgage advice as a CeMAP qualified professional.

Andy's background showcases a deep understanding of the intricate workings of financial institutions, their credit processes, and the requirements of brokers as well as working directly with clients. His reputation for excellence has been built on over 20 years of dedicated service, during which he has consistently demonstrated an acute ability to create sustainable solutions.

Commenting on his appointment, Alastair Hoyne said, “Given the fact that Finanze Strategy is well known for creating custom solutions (facilities I personally developed) to replace me required someone exceptional, not only in terms of experience but creativity and drive. When I heard Andy was ‘on the market’ I knew he would be perfect for the role and instead of asking him to apply, I actually pitched him to join us, which goes to show how much respect I have for his knowledge and reach.”


What sets Andy apart is not just his ability to liaise with lenders and brokers, but his collaborative approach with clients. He goes beyond the transactional, guiding and advising clients from the inception of their projects through to completion. His essential support includes assessment, research, appraisal, and viability analysis, allowing clients to confidently present and market their opportunities to investors and buyers.

In his own words, Andy said of his appointment, “Seeing the growth of Finanze has really inspired me. Their forward-thinking and drive for innovation is something I greatly admire and given my background it’s an area I know I have a lot to contribute to.  Joining the team to head up Finanze Strategy is a perfect fit for their ambition and my skillset. I’m looking forward to seeing how much we can achieve going forward.”

Andy's portfolio includes successful collaborations with prestigious institutions such as Catalyst Property Finance, Cynergy Bank, Oblix Capital, United Trust Bank, and Future Mortgages (Citigroup). His versatility is evident in his ability to navigate large and complex developments, such as a £50 million multi-unit housing plan, while also providing invaluable support to new starters and smaller-scale investors with more modest projects.

Andy Keehner's appointment underscores Finanze Group’s ongoing commitment to providing clients with top-tier talent, ensuring that they receive unparalleled expertise and guidance. With Andy joining as Head of Finanze Strategy, Finanze Group reinforces its position as a leader in the evolving landscape of property finance. Whatever project you are working on, you can book a no-obligation consult call with Andy through this link;

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