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Finanze® appoints Imogen Sporle as Head of Term Finance

Bespoke finance broker Finanze® has appointed Imogen Sporle as a Senior Private Broker & Head of Term Finance at the firm.

Imogen began working in Mortgages in 2019 after realising, when purchasing her own home, she had no idea how to even begin a mortgage process and who to ask and even after a lot of research on the internet was no wiser. She began working with a local mortgage broker providing tailored advice for high-net-worth clients when purchasing their residential properties. Imogen gained further experience working in the Buy to let and commercial mortgage space learning invaluable information regarding different lenders criteria’s and what boxes they want ticking.

Imogen then moved to Connect Mortgages where she was able to offer advice on all types of mortgages. She was therefore able to combine her skills to offer her clients the full service, taking into account their entire portfolios including any residential properties, in order to provide a tailored solution for their needs. She brings all of this experience to Finanze®.

Alastair Hoyne, Managing Director of Finanze® commented, "I have worked with Imogen for the last 5 months through Connect, referring cases across to her where I lacked the capacity to handle them myself. Imogen’s work is exemplary. My clients have raved about the quality of advice and service – hence offering her a role at the firm.”

Finanze® continues to go from strength to strength in 2022, having only launched late September 2021, Alastair Hoyne has already ranked in B&C 2022 Power List and as a firm have so far issued terms on £115m worth of property, representing £72m in gross loans of which £35m are live. Average gross loan amounts to £563,000 and they are getting around 5 client inquiries a day with no advertising at all, purely from referrals and word of mouth. They have a number of exclusive products they designed in the market along with exclusive representation arrangements with a number of pension administrators nationally.

“With Imogen joining the firm, we can now handle more clients, and importantly lower value transactions to help clients get on the ‘property ladder’, we will also be able to extend our products to include residential mortgages and regulated bridging, thus providing clients with a holistic 360 degree service for both personal and business needs”, said Alastair.

For all your term finance needs, from Residential Mortgages to BTL and Commercial Mortgages you can reach Imogen on

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